About Bushwalking Australia

Bushwalking Australia is the National body representing the interests of bushwalkers and other recreational walkers. There are many issues affecting bushwalkers which extend beyond the boundaries of any one State or that require some level of national coordination or support.

Areas of Activity

Some of the things Bushwalking Australia does include the following:

  • Provision of a portal for access to details of State bushwalking bodies and bushwalking clubs across Australia.
  • Promoting bushwalking and its numerous benefits at a national level.
  • Representing the interests of bushwalkers at national forums.
  • The development of policies in matters such as access to and management of public land, the importance of active recreation and the need to preserve natural areas.
  • Facilitation of information and experience sharing between States.
  • Dealing with issues that extend across State borders, eg. Federal Government policy on active recreation.
  • Provision of services to Members.
  • Operating a National Insurance scheme, to protect walkers and walk leaders in the event of a mishap.
  • Encouraging people to lead walks and develop leadership skills without imposing unnecessary or inappropriate requirements on clubs.
  • Developing Guidelines, Information and Policies on a range of topics relevant to walking.


Bushwalking Australia Inc. was formed in 2003 after many years of negotiation between the Walking Federations established in each State. We work to ensure Australia is an enjoyable, pleasant and safe place to walk for everyone.

Walking is something everyone takes for granted like free speech and clean air. Their value is often not appreciated until people cannot do them.

While many issues are confined to a local area, they are often repeated in adjacent areas. By joining together as a national organisation in Bushwalking Australia and developing a common approach, we hope to avoid having to re-invent the same wheel many times over.

Our Objectives

  • Represent bushwalking and bushwalkers on matters of national and international significance.
  • Promote safe and environmentally responsible bushwalking to the community.
  • Facilitate interaction and sharing of knowledge and skills between State bushwalking bodies, clubs and individual bushwalkers across Australia.
  • Provide services to Member Associations, bushwalkers and the wider community in furtherance of these objectives.