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Bushwalking Australia is incorporated in South Australia (Incorporation No. A38062).

The principles behind the governance of Bushwalking Australia are:

  • Bushwalking Australia is a Federation of State-based peak-body organisations who in turn have clubs and individuals as members. Northern Territory clubs are represented by South Australia and Australian Capital Territory clubs by New South Wales.
  • Bushwalking Australia is governed by a Council consisting of a delegate from each State plus co-opted members.
  • Each State elects a delegate to be a Council Member of Bushwalking Australia and only delegates have voting rights. A deputy delegate is also elected from each state to stand in for the delegate when required.
  • The Office Bearers are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Insurance Officer.
  • The Presidency of Bushwalking Australia periodically rotates from state to state.
  • The Council has the power to co-opt additional members.




Council (2020 - 21)

President: Kirsten Mayer (Bushwalking New South Wales)
Vice President:

Andrew Davey (Bushwalking Tasmania)


Secretary: John Marshall (Queensland)
Treasurer: Bill Gehling (Walking South Australia)
Insurance Contract Manager: Alan Sauran
Public Officer: Bill Gehling (Walking SA)

State Delegates

NSW Kirsten Mayer Jon Gray (deputy)
VIC Mike Grant, Robyn Shingles (deputy)
TAS Andrew Davey, Kent Lillico
QLD Gavin Dale, John Marshall (deputy)
WA Dave Osborne, Alan Hill (deputy)
SA Helen Donovan, Bill Gehling (deputy)


















  • BA meets regularly via national teleconference, and communications are by
    email and telephone wherever practical.
  • A face to face Conference is held annually.

Past Office Bearers

pdfBushwalking Australia Office Bearers since 2004118.77 KB