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Bushwalking NSW, formerly known as the Confederation of Bushwalking Clubs of NSW, represents the interests of over 10,500 bushwalkers from 65 bushwalking clubs in NSW and ACT. It represents non-commercial bushwalking clubs throughout urban and country regions, providing a united voice for bushwalkers to local, state and federal government agencies on bushwalking and conservation issues.
Our clubs provide a large range of outdoor activities graded for all levels of fitness and age. Included are day, overnight and extended bushwalks, canyoning and abseiling, canoeing and kayaking, and social activities. Many clubs provide training in bushwalking and navigation skills. Find a club to try out or join for a day walk or longer adventure on our website:
In addition to coordinating insurance for member clubs in cooperation with Bushwalking Australia, Bushwalking NSW provides useful advice to clubs on a variety of matters like risk management and emergency procedures. It publishes a

monthly Newsletter and occasional magazine The Bushwalker. It also has representatives on various conservation bodies.

Bushwalking NSW originated and continues to support the Bush Search and Rescue Squad (BSAR) NSW, a professional team of experienced bushwalkers who work closely with police and emergency services for remote area search and rescue operations. BSAR NSW runs Navshield, the premier navigation competition for Australia, in July each year.


Australia Capital Territory (ACT) Bushwalking

ACT bushwalking clubs are affiliated with Bushwalking NSW, you can find them on our website at: