Personal Accident Insurance

While bushwalking is a low-risk activity when compared with most active sports and recreational pursuits, accidents do occur from time to time, and the seriousness and cost of an incident is potentially greater in remote areas where medical aid may not be readily available. For this reason it is recommended that member clubs arrange Personal Accident Insurance for their members.

The Personal Accident Policy provides cover to club members in respect to injury incurred while the member is engaged in an activity authorised by and under the control of the Insured (the club), including direct uninterrupted travel to and from such activity subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the Policy. 

Renewal Arrangements for 2016-2017

Bushwalking Australia appointed a new insurance broker, Jardine Lloyd Thompson to manage our insurance requirements from 1 July 2016.  The change in broker has not affected the existing policies, which have been renewed from 1 July 2016 without change to insurer, conditions or endorsements, but with a reduction in cost per member of approximately 15%.

The Schedule of Benefits under the Personal Accident Policy for 2016-17 include the following (refer to the policy documents for specific details of all benefits and applicable conditions and exclusions):

  1. Loss of earnings - Benefit of $700 per week up to age 95, maximum of 80% of income, 7 day excess, maximum of 52 weeks
  2. Non-Medicare medical benefit, 80% claimable to a maximum of $3,000 (previously $2000)
  3. Broken bones benefit of up to $2,000
  4. Capital Benefit due directly and solely to injury - $50,000 up to age 84, $10,000 age 85-95 or under age 18
  5. Critical Incident Debriefing - benefit of up to $5,000 per person per event
  6. Home Care, $250 per week (increased from $150 per week)

Medicare and Accident Cover

When it comes to reimbursement of Personal Injury claims, some people get confused about Medicare,
the Medicare Gap and what is covered through the Personal Accident policy. 

The Health Insurance Act 1973 (Cth) strictly prohibits any general insurer from covering any item that is listed on the Medicare Benefits Schedule. This also means that regardless of your out of pocket expenses, it is against the law for the Insurer to cover you for the Medicare Gap.

So what does that mean? If your medical or other treatment has a Medicare Item Number, it is uninsurable and you may not claim for reimbursement through JLT Sport.

If your medical or other treatment does not have a Medicare Item Number, you may claim for reimbursement through JLT Sport.

The following document provides additional information on the difference between what is covered by Medicare and what is covered through the personal accident policy:  pdfMedicare vs Personal Accident Policy1.04 MB.

Claims and Enquiries

For information on how to make a claim, or to enquire about claims or coverage, please see the Claims and Enquiries page.

Policy Documents


Leisure Travel Insurance

With more and more clubs adding overseas trips to their programme, the need to offer Leisure Travel Insurance has been recognised. Special rates have been negotiated with Accident & Health International Underwriting Pty Ltd for a comprehensive, yet affordable cover for use by club members when participating in club organised Domestic and Overseas trips.  Email for details.


Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs are provided to assist member clubs gain a better understanding of the insurance arrangements organised on their behalf by Bushwalking Australia (BA).  Additional questions will be added over time and suggestions for topics to be covered are welcome at any time by emailing Bushwalking Australia at 

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