Bushwalking Australia

Bushwalking is an Australian activity. You may know it by a different name such as hiking, tramping, hill walking, rambling or trekking.

Bushwalking covers a wide spectrum of walking experiences in natural or green areas.

A bushwalk might be a walk along a trail through urban parks or forest near where you live, or it could be a full day walk or camping trip to a national park or reserve.

At the other end of the spectrum a bushwalk can be a multi-day expedition where you are self-sufficient carrying a tent and food.

No matter which option you choose it is all bushwalking and because Australia has such a great network of natural areas and a wide variety of land forms there are many opportunities to get into bushwalking whether it be on designated trails or in remote wilderness areas.

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Bushwalking Australia has endorsed the Healthy Parks Healthy People philosophy to protect the earth’s two most important assets, nature and people. Read the HPHP Communiqué.

Bushwalking Australia is a signatory to the International Charter for Walking that acknowledges the universal rights of people to be able to walk safely and to enjoy high quality public spaces anywhere and at anytime.

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